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Our founder, Kelly Duong, is on a mission to help professional lash artists work smarter, not harder with the best quality eyelash extensions available today.

Searching for high-quality, easy-to-apply eyelash extensions?

Kelly, a salon owner and lash artist herself, was disappointed with the eyelash extensions she found on the market. They were often low-quality and difficult to apply, costing her time, money, and her clients’ happiness.


On a trip to visit her family in Vietnam, Kelly discovered Promade fans, a 100% handmade eyelash extension. Instantly, she knew this product would be a game changer for herself and other lash technicians back in the States. Kelly found that the Promade fans decreased the lash application time and saved wear and tear on lash technicians hands and body since they wouldn't have to make the fans themselves. 

An entrepreneur at heart, Kelly began researching the eyelash extension manufacturing process and testing extension materials from suppliers around the world.


She chose the material we use, a high-quality Korean PBT, for its premium performance properties: it’s soft, light, yet strong; flexible; durable; good curl retention and color retention and comfortable and naturally to wear. All qualities that professional lash technicians worldwide value!


With her family team in Vietnam, she started manufacturing Especially For You Lashes, in 2D to 20D fans.   

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