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Give your clients dramatically fuller looking lashes with our Promade eyelash extensions. 


Our 100% handmade fans are made with high-quality Korean PBT for a feathery-soft and extremely lightweight eyelash extension with maximum volume. Minimal adhesive is used to create the tiny base lashes. 


These luxurious eyelash extensions create amazing lash looks in less time, and when applied properly, offer long retention. You, and your clients, will notice the difference!

Promade 8D Straw Packaging

    • Color: Super Black
    • Softness: Super Soft Touch
    • Weight: Light
    • Brilliant: Matte
    • Curl retention: Excellent
    • Color retention: Excellent
    • 100% handmade so the lashes are not identical
  • Our innovative patent pending straw packaging is environmentally friendly and easy to use.

    After the fans are finished, they’re placed on a paper cylinder with a matching shape and diameter. We use biodegradable wrap around the cylinder to protect the lashes. The lashes stay secure and curled until they are used.

    All straws come in various diameters according to the curl and the length of the lashes.

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